澳门百老汇网站网址 is a non-profit corporation supported by members of the wind energy industry, including project developers and owners, turbine manufacturers, support contractors and others. 澳门百老汇网站网址 represents its members in California's policy forums, seeking to encourage and support the production of electricity through the use of wind generators.


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California's newest wind farm is old enough to order at the bar

A FLIGHTY WIND: The developers of a new wind farm in the Santa Barbara County hills did something a lot of people thought was impossible, a local official said today: They finished an industrial-scale renewable project on California’s pristine and heavily regulated coast.

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Across America, clean energy plants are being banned faster than they're being built

Across America’s power grid, there’s a growing gap between what we need and what we’ll allow.

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Tribe, Wind Developer Plan 60-MW Offshore Wind Farm Near Vandenberg

Floventis Energy and the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians on Nov. 8 signed a community benefits agreement for a floating wind farm that is expected to be operational years before deployment of California's larger-scale wind projects in the Morro Bay and Humboldt federal lease areas.

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Reform of Arcane CAISO Policies Could Deliver Huge Ratepayer Benefits

A recent state auditor's report noted that California has the seventh-highest average electricity rates in the nation, with substantial jumps in just the past year.

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Extending the Life of Diablo Canyon Should Not Divert Attention from California's Clean Energy Path

Any attempt to extend the license of Diablo Canyon should not divert from solving the challenges that are slowing the transition to clean, renewable energy, including reforming permitting and grid access policies and promoting resource diversity.  Read more in 澳门百老汇网站网址's editorial published in California Energy Markets.